Janet Neal BA(Hons), PGCE, MBACP(Accred) Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling and Psychotherapy?

I am a qualified, skilled Counsellor and Psychotherapist with eighteen years experience providing Face to Face , Zoom, What's App Video or telephone in the Manchester and Stockport surrounding areas and throughout the United Kingdom.

- When life feels tough, we can find ourselves going over the same thing in our minds or with others and getting nowhere.
You can benefit from the support of someone who is not involved to help you to focus on areas of your life that you want to change; stressful events and feelings that you want to manage and problems that you want to resolve .

I believe passionately in the power of therapy and counselling and offer my dedication, skills and professional experience to you to support you and enable you to make the changes we identify .

You can also gain a deeper understanding of yourself and improve your relationships ; or use our sessions together for personal development to enhance your enjoyment of life.

Counselling and Psychotherapy and CBT can also help with more irrational thoughts, feelings and behaviours which are affecting areas of your life.

Who comes for Counselling and Psychotherapy?

People who are facing stress and problems in their life that seem overwhelming and unbearable.

People who are having or have had problems with < Challenging life and circumstance changes

  • relationships, stress, anxiety
  • work issues, tension, panic attacks
  • depression, negative thinking,
  • bereavement, loss, childhood issues, or significant life events.

    People who have experienced
  • trauma, low self esteem, lacking in confidence
  • parenting issues or caring for others
  • anger management
  • Sexual Identity
  • general dissatisfaction with life and lack of direction

    People who want to take charge of their lives; thoughts; feelings; behaviour; relationships and feel more relaxed, confident and happy with their lives.

    At times we all need support. Do contact me to discuss how your difficulties can be managed and overcome.

    Transactional Analysis

    3 great permissions; to love, to change and to do things well. - Eric Berne founder of Transactional Analysis.

    Transactional Analysis is my core modality; however I have come to value an integrative approach, one where I can work to suit you as an individual or couple.

    Ask yourself the following questions -
    Have you a clear idea of what is troubling you and want to focus on?

    Are there more than one aspect to what is concerning you?

    Do you feel troubled or dissatisfied and don't know exactly what the key issue is?

    At the core of TA is contracting.We 'contract'; agree together what the key issues are for you and prioritise an area or areas for change.This contracting keeps our work vital and relevant. You are not alone if you feel unhappy or distressed but don't know what you want to change.Our sessions will focus then on clarifying your thoughts and concerns before we go on to look at possible change.

    Transactional Analysis is a method of understanding ourselves and others to improve and enrich your life.Working together we can bring about lasting change and you can leave therapy managing your life in a successful way.

    Are you unhappy with aspects of your life, or your life generally - questioning things that are happening to you; things that you are doing or are being done by others and thoughts and feelings that that you would like to change? Questions such as -
    What makes someone do and say the things they do? Why do I feel unhappy and struggle to change that? What makes me keep behaving in ways that seem destructive or unhelpful to me?Why do others appear to act how they do? At times we have all said to ourselves; ‘How on Earth did I end up here again? I thought it was going to be different this time.’

    Transactional Analysis (TA) is a great way to understand all these issues and make healthy changes in how we relate to ourselves and others.more.

    Ego State Model.


    Counselling.Psychotherapy.CBT. egostateimage

The best known model of TA is the ego state model (see diagram above).

This splits personality into 3 distinct parts, Parent, Adult and Child.
Sometimes we behave, think and feel as the adult we are in the present moment, sometimes we behave, think and feel as the child we were once and sometimes we behave, think and feel like our parents or other significant people in our upbringing , past and in the here and now.
We are not usually aware of this movement between ego states, but we move through them all of the time and it is noticable that often our Child ego state and our Parent ego state are in disagreement and we experience internal conflict.

An example of this might be, when you wake up, "I really would like to stay in bed" (Child ego state) some other voice urges you to "get up and don't be so lazy "(Parent ego state) often there can be a voice of reason that might say "stay in bed for 5 more minutes and then get up, because there are things to do and you will feel happier." ( Adult ego state).
Another example may be that you are working hard and feel tired, maybe not enjoying your life as much as you like and when you decide you want to rest or do something enjoyable, you find yourself thinking you should do more work instead and become more tired and dissatisfied.

TA is an effective tool to recognise these and other internal arguments within ourselves,and to gain insight and control over our thoughts, feelings and behaviour and turn around our struggle .

TA therapy, seeks to bring self limiting and destructive patterns of feelings, thoughts or behaviours into awareness making them available to change. So change in therapy is a move towards conscious choice and away from unconscious limiting compulsion.

These are just a few of the theories about TA and there are many other ways of understanding yourself and others contained in TA theory, ie. script,games, rackets, discounting, injunctions, drivers, symbiosis and many more which can be powerful in changing your life.Don't worry if some of the words sound complex or puzzling , TA theory is in fact designed to be easilly understood by both client and therapist working together to achieve individual therapeutic goals.

Cognitive behavioural Therapy (CBT)
I use CBT combined with the richness of Transactional Analysis, Gestalt , Mindfulness and Compassion and Commitment therapy and other approaches.

We will pay close attention to the way you think and act to help you to overcome emotional and behavioural problems.

I will invite you to question your thinking when the beliefs that support your thinking are based on limiting and sometimes far reaching and often catastrophic imaginings and how your thought based on your imaginings can then have a negative affect on the quality of your life.

Your distress is real and I will take it seriously, and you will be expected to take an active part in changing how you think.You may be given homework to do between sessions to re-inforce what you have learnt in the sessions.

'' A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.'' - Confucius.

Are problems and dissatisfaction getting in the way of enjoying life? Had enough of this being the case? Then do contact me to ask any questions or to book an initial session to experience at first hand working with me before you make any further commitment. M 079 69 1111 69
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